9th UIU Inter Private University Table Tennis Tournament

UIU Sports Club, is going to organize “9th UIU Inter Private University Table Tennis Tournament”. The objective of this event is to enhance the cooperation among all the private universities.

UIU Sports Club wants your ACTIVE Participation to make this this event a BLAST!

We know you’ve enough competency in your respective area; now, UIU Sports Club is giving you the OPPORTUNITY to compete for better cooperation within a common ground to show the thirst of plying Table Tennis and also the Thirst for GLORY! Loyalty toward your universities.

Interested? (Yeah! You should be)
Make sure your university’s team gets registered before 5th December, 2016.

Registration Process?
We’ll contact with you with registration form through an e-mail and an official letter given to the respective President of the universities.
More information?
Follow the Tournament Details below.


Competition Information:

The Tournament will be played in accordance with the latest rules of the International Table Tennis Federation (I.T.T.F)

United International University (UIU) Campus

December 13-15, 2016

Traditional TT Dress (Except white color)

1. The Tournament Committee is responsible for the management of the competition.
2. The Disciplinary committee of the tournament will oversee all disciplinary aspects of the tournament.
3. The decision of the Tournament Committee will be final regarding the application of rules and any other matter.
4. Any decision given by the Referees/Judges has to be accepted by the players as well as by the team officials without any protest. The match referee will punish any body found guilty of breaching his code of conduct.
5. Controlling the crowd behavior of own university will be the responsibility of the coordinator.

Each team will provide the name of the Coordinator (Official) who can be from the faculty or staff that is to be present on the day of Press Conference which will be held at United International University at 11:30 A.M on December 11, 2016. The Coordinator has to be present with the team on match day also.

1. All the Participating players must be the regular student of their respected Universities.
2. Students having two consecutive regular semester break in his academic life in the university will not be allowed to participate.
3. Any Player who joined or called in the National Table Tennis Camps will not take part in this tournament.
4. Every Individual Participant must fill up the Participate Registration form and Provide 1(One) passport size and 1 (one) Stamp Size color photograph, Photocopy of Student ID Card, Photocopy of enrollment or registration of the most recent enrolled semester.
5. Every Individual Participant Registration Form must be attached and Verified by the Registrar/DSA of the University.
6. Participant must produce the original University ID card on the event day.
7. Fresher students can’t participate in this tournament.

1. Last date of team registration is December 5, 2016
2. Team Registration Fee has been fixed TK. 5000/- (Five Thousand) only which is to be paid in cash or in the form of pay order. Sample letter is enclosed.
3. The University is requested to send the list of the participants mentioning the Name, ID No and Department and also the name of the Coordinator to the Management Committee, UIU by December 5, 2016 positively.

The Team will be composed of 05(Five) Players. They will participate in both Team Event (Men’s Team) and Individual Event (Men’s Single and Men’s Double). The game will be played ‘Knock Out’ Basis. Event form is enclosed.

Ball : 40+ White Match Ball
Table : Giant Dragon


Men’s Team:

1. Team should be divided into 2 (two) groups and each group will play on Knock-Out basis.
2. In the first Stage Group Champion and Runner-up will play cross-wise in the semifinal.
3. Men’s Team events will be played on basis of 5 (five)matches and the order of play shall be ( 5 Singles = A VS X, B VS Y, C VS Z, A VS Y, B VS X)
4. The Team shall consist of 03 players.

Individual Events (Singles)

1. The individual events be played on Knock-out basis in 2 (two) groups.
2. Group Champions and Runner-up will play cross-wise in the Semi-final. Group A Champion VS Group B Runner-up and Group B Champion VS Group A Runner-up
3. Semi-Final and Final will be best of 7(Seven)

Men’s Doubles:
1. Doubles will be played on Knock-out basis in two groups.
2. Two Group Champions will play Final Match.
3. All Doubles Match will be restricted to 5 (five) games including final.

1. The decision of the Umpire during the game will be final.
2. All the participants of the teams to report to the venue 15 (fifteen) minutes before the commencement of the matches.
3. If any team remains absent at the appointed time, the match Referee will declare Walkover, if the team does not turn-up within 30 minutes of the appointed time.
4. The Championship will be played in accordance with the latest rules of the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF)
5. All games will be completed in 11 points

Event link: https://www.facebook.com/events/1099948246721629/